Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lets Take A Walk Thru The Back Garden

The sun came out today after 4 days of rain and was very welcome.  With it came blossoms which are brightening up our back garden.  The river is flowing fast from run-off further north of us. 

Here's the bridge to the next town and the view from our back patio.  The pink blossoms on the trees are getting thicker.

Its nice to see spring blossoms at last.

The view from the end of the garden walk.  The flowers in the raised beds are blooming and the trees all have pink flowers.  Maybe they are Korean crabapples but I don't know. That light building right I the center is beyond our land and is the abandoned factory that made everything from gunpowder to woolens it its heyday.  To its right is the dam building.

We have quite a few groups of daffodils blooming right now.  These are the white with yellow centers.

Here are some white ones.

This small patch has daffies and some tiny purple flowers and I can see the iris blades are coming up strong.

A view of the patio where we will have our container plants in the very near future.  There are already some empty pots out there. 

You can almost hear the gurgle of the rapids as they thunder southeast toward the sea.

Here's the view of the water falls from our patio.  I see there's no one fishing today.  The current is much too strong.

Let me finish with this shot.  My corgi eagerly awaiting the opening of our elevator doors.  When we reach the floor and it stops, she practically sticks her nose in the crack, probably thinking she's opening the doors for me.

Well, I'm off to the shower.  I got a late start today.  Have a nice day.

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  1. I must thank you for all the photos of your new living area as i've been curious as what it looked like! I too have been enjoying the beautiful early Spring flowers, mostly Daffodils in my neck of the woods. I am definitely going to try some of those pizzals as i love dough boys & funnel cakes. That last photo you had of Penny is adorable & its like you can tell that shes thinking just what you said she was. Funny how sometimes its like we can read animals thoughts. I empathize with you on having "SAD" it is & can be quite awful! That's why i've always wanted to live some place sunnier & warmer! But alas i doubt that may ever happen & so i will continue to do the best i can to make it thru Maine's crappy days & months & be very thankful that it is Maine & not Alaska. Yah know what i mean...they really have it rough up in that part of the world. Well i suppose i will stop my rambling lol & call it a night but before i do i wish to state that i am sorry i didn't come straight over here after the email something came up & i forgot til just now but at least i got here right lol anywho night & have a great day tomorrow!!! <3 :-)