Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Water Lily Fairy is All Tacked Down.

The light is bad.  Storm abrewin' so its very dark outside.  My light isn't good enough to continue with this project today.  I depend on the light from outdoors a lot.  My indoor lighting isn't bright enough for me to work well.
Here is 'Water Lily Fairy,' all tacked in place enjoying her day with her little flying friends.   Once the leading is added, it will add a lot of dimension to the piece.

I wonder what our weather will bring us today.  The locals predict rain, sleet and maybe 3.5 inches of snow now, downgraded from more than 8 yesterday.  The National Weather Channel is predicting 8-12 inches of snow in our area of Maine.  It will be interesting to find out who is correct. 

On our noon walkies, Penny and I saw rain at the start and by the end, there were large white flakes falling from the heavens.  Now I see its back to rain again.  But that's not stopping our dozen or so robins from hunting for lunch across the back lawns.  In any case, I'm indoors for the duration.  Sandwiches for lunch and a pork chop with salad for supper.  I have vegetable beef soup on the menu for tomorrow.  I think I will fare very well over this bad weather.

Have a good day everyone. 

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