Friday, April 14, 2017

We Took a Walk By the River Today

I really love living beside this river.  There are changes to see now and then, from winter ice to snow laden reservoir to ducks in the river to the sluice gates open and loosing the heavy waters from spring melt further north.

On the right you can see the white froth from the roaring waters coming thru the open sluice gates earlier today.  The sluice gates are beyond the calm of the reservoir in the foreground.

In my walk across the bridge, the sluicing has made the white water run heavy and the rocks that live in that froth are hidden from view today.

The river above the falls, as you can see, is smooth and blue but the waters below are running with white water.

Here are the falls later today when the sluice gates were closed again.  You can no longer see the white water in the upper right in this photo, just the normal fall of Little Falls waters.
Where you see the stretch of yellow painted fencing, is the fishing area in the reservoir above the falls.

Our river is home to many species of fish, including Atlantic Salmon, land-locked Salmon, brown and brook Trout, Alewives, River Herring and Shad.  The latter three are on the menu of both Osprey and Bald Eagles and they fish the river for sustenance making exciting viewing for the humans.

As for human fishing, the river is known to give up 3-6 lb. brown trout, even up to 10 lbs.  April, May and Early June is great fishing time for the fly fisherman and also those that spin fish with lures and worms.  The reservoir I view from my living room windows brings fisherman starting in early spring, trying for a tasty catch.

Happily, I'm not a fish eater so I leave them to the Osprey and Eagles.

Have a nice day.

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