Sunday, April 9, 2017

'Flowers in Season' Wallhanging is in Progress.

Its a marvelous day outdoors, in the 50sF and sunny.  Penny my corgi dog, and I went to the garden to sit in the sun and I read for awhile. 

Then it was a Kentucky Fried Chicken lunch in our Gathering Room for some of us on my floor.  Mmmmm good.  I haven't had KFC for months and months and I've always loved it.  There were only 7 of us, but it was a fine gathering.

I thought I would take a nap after such a fine lunch, but instead my sewing was calling me.
I worked on 'Flowers in Season' instead.    I have some of the background greenery and some of the leaves and stems tacked onto the piece.

Here's a closer view of the work.  I shall be starting the flowers tomorrow.  Now if only I can decide what color Iris goes where and what color for the roses in the vase.  Decisions, decisions!  I go to sleep thinking about such things, but its a lot nicer than worrying about the fate of the world and my future. 

I hope others of you enjoyed a fine day today as well.

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