Saturday, April 1, 2017

Maine's April Fool's Day Joke....

Yes, I call it a joke.  I'm glad I didn't pack away my winter boots and heavy parka.  I'll be out clearing snow off my car and shoveling it out later today.  Its still snowing, and about 5 inches on the ground right now from winter snowstorm Theseus.
It sure looks pretty out there in our parking lot, doesn't it.

The trees are beautifully coated with fluffy snow.

The view of the river in back is surrounded in white.  The snow is still swirling.

The good thing about this storm.....its happening on the weekend.  Most folks don't have to go to work and travel the roads.  We can all stay snuggled inside until we have to get out and shovel when its finished later today.
Theseus started very lightly last nite about the time folks arrived home from working all day.  Stopped during the middle of the nite for awhile and began again this morning.  As of 7 a.m. this morning when my Penny and I took our morning constitutional, we had about 5 inches of the white stuff.  Its still coming down but not as fluffy now and the temps are warming up.  Expecting mid-40sF this afternoon so maybe a lot of this will melt before the day is done.

I was happy to see the coming week will bring warmer temps and even a couple days of rain but mostly sunshine.  That I can handle very well.
April Fool's Day to you all.
Have a nice day.

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