Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another African Violet.

I went to lunch with a very dear friend today.  We were celebrating our  BDs a little late but due to weather, we had to be sure no more snow was in the offing since she comes from out of town.
She remembered how I was adding to my indoor garden with African Violets and she brought me this lovely plant (above).  Its sooooo gorgeous, and with my other 3 they are now 4 sisters.  They are all so pretty on my windowsill. 

Thank you dear Kathleen.  And thank you for the great lunch today, even to including a small Hot Fudge Sundae (I could not fit in anything larger).  It was all appreciated.
It was a great time to give you some quilt supplies that I know your kindred sisters in your town will be sure to make good use if you can't use them youself.  They were only gathering dust in my small apt.
We both shared a BD this month but I mailed her very small gift earlier because of the constant threat of snow that kept us from getting together sooner.

For those of you who know Kathleen, I want to report that since her neck surgery, she's lost a lot of weight, going from a size 22 to a size 10.  I could hardly believe my eyes when we met.  She looks terrific.  I felt guilty about gaining the 6 pounds of candy I gathered on my hips in the last 2 months from all that candy I've been making.  This latest batch (peanut butter balls) will be the last of it.  Lucky for me there are new friends here in our complex who are helping me eat the last of it.  I used up all my supplies and will not buy more unless a Holiday demands it.

The white daffodils are beginning to blossom in our garden.

Even those in one of the 4 by 4 raised beds (we have 8) are in bloom with other greenery sprouting.

I'm eager to see what flowers will be blooming here.  I will only do up some containers for myself this year; like 2 or 3 tomato plants, a couple of leaf lettuces, and thyme.  They can all live on the back patio and I can easily take care of them there and water them from the rain water barrels kept for that purpose.   I'll leave the hard stuff to those with more energy and we have a wonderful person living here that keeps up the gardens every year.  With a small cash contribution, she makes the place look divine in all seasons.
I can only applaud dear Katherine for all her efforts on our behalf.

I'm thinking maybe Lithuania Bundies on the menu for tomorrow or Saturday.  I have enough meat defrosted I think.  I've got a craving.  I really love these cravings because they are usually for things I don't often make.  You see, I really hate to cook.  Yes, I will admit it, I don't like cooking at all.  I cook only because I really want something or its for my family because they asked or I'm desperate.  I would rather quilt or read  or garden than cook. 

I'm a basic-cooking type person, nothing fancy in my repertoire.  Meat and potatoes are pretty much my usual fare and these days its more likely to be meat and salads so I don't have to think of which way I want to cook my potatoes......though I have to say, I really love potatoes in most forms.  Nor do I want any squeal or squeak from my meats so I leave the red and pink innards to others.

I think well-done meats stems from my youth.  In those days (1940s and 50s) we cooked our meats well because we didn't want the possibility of critters or contamination in our meats. There was a real horror, I remember, of pork and the sickness from thoroughly-uncooked chops and the like.  In fact, my Mom would put some water in the fry pan, about a half inch, and cook the chops in it til the water disappeared which assured the safety of the meat.  Then she would fry them to finish off.

And ground hamburger had to be cooked well, too.  The invisible critters were on the surface of steak cuts so when cooked, they were killed, but in the grinding effort, those beasties were spread all thru the hamburger so no one, in my family at least, ate any hamburger with the least bit of pink in its center.  Well-done was the word around our house.  And we all stayed healthy.
To this day I prefer well- done, though a steak can be medium-well done.

Have a nice day.

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