Friday, March 31, 2017

Let's Make Chocolate Walnut Clusters.

Today is candy day at my house.  I'm making Chocolate Walnut Clusters.  You can use walnuts, pecans, or unsalted cashews, the choice is yours.  In my house that usually means walnuts.
There are only 3 ingredients and it takes about 12 mins. to make from the time you put the chocolate pieces in the double boiler til you spoon them onto the cookie sheets.

All you need is......
12 oz. Baker's Sweet German Chocolate Baking Bars (green label)
14 oz. can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk (red label)
1 1/2 Cups Nuts of your Choice.

You will need cookie sheets.  I use two 9.5 by 14 inch sheets because it is easier to find room for them in my refrigerator.   Cover the sheets with waxed paper.

You also need a double boiler.... or place a bowl over hot water to melt your chocolate. 

Above are my ingredients.  I love walnuts so that's my choice.

Let's begin.......
Over medium heat I broke up my chocolate bits and added them to the pan to melt.  I use a wooden spoon for this part.  Stir them around a bit to induce quicker melting.

When the chocolate is melted nice and smooth, REMOVE FROM HEAT.

Add your can of condensed milk and stir together til its all chocolate in color.

Add your nuts to the chocolate and stir together til the nuts are all covered.

It should look like this with nuts all covered in chocolate.

Using two teaspoons, spoon the chocolate candies onto the waxed paper.

When I finish, I add a few walnuts to the last 2 or 3 candies because at this point they are pretty much mostly chocolate, dredging up the end of the chocolate in the pan.
I made 40 pcs of candy, some small on the first sheet, and the rest larger on the 2nd sheet.
Place both sheets in the refrigerator to harden.

To store, you have to keep them in the refrigerator.  The chocolate gets too soft otherwise.  You can store them in a covered container in the fridge when they are firm.


  1. Sandra, they look yummy!!! Great tutorial!

  2. They are yummy. A bit too yummy maybe, with me eating more than is good for me. But I'm loving it.