Saturday, March 4, 2017

Choosing Fabrics Isn't Easy

I have such a chore when I choose fabrics.  I hem and haw on which will work best.
But today I also got my Vase of Flowers pinned and ready to quilt.
Here's 'Vase of Flowers' pinned and ready for quilting.  It's been ready in the wings for months but I had put all my quilting away and just found it again.  This is NOT the Irises that I photographed for you a few days ago.
 I am still debating whether to add a few 'bugs' to the flowers or not.  I told you I have a difficult time making final decisions.
I just noticed the date on my camera is one day off.  I took these minutes ago on March 4th.

Here's a close-up of this wall hanging.  It has purple Iris, pink Roses, and a large pink Peony.  I think I told you I adore Iris and Roses but I forgot to mention Peonies, another favorite.

Fabrics chosen for Toadstool Fairy.  The green in lower right is the background already pinned in place.  I may have to change that up to something lighter, but then a lighter shade may not go well with the flowers I chose for this one.  I wanted more of an autumn feel to this project with the toadstool in the background.  I'll do the fairy in lighter fabrics so she shows up more.

I still have more fabrics to choose for this one.  Wings and dress and hair........all important in the final design.
Have a good day.

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