Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snowstorm expected. They say 16-22 inches this time.

I've battened down for the storm.  I'll watch TV until and if I lose power, a usual occurrence around here.  No sewing machine work today.  I'll stick to knit and crochet for hand work.
I loved these towels when I passed them in the store so I bought a couple.  I think chickens and roosters are great little creatures.  I finished these up last nite and added honey bee buttons.

Ponder a smile or two.......

A triangle with an angle of 135* is called an obscene triangle.

We had a longer holiday than usual this year because the school was closed for altercations.

Students revising history......

The Gorgons had long snakes in their hair  They looked like women, only more horrible.

Zanzibar is noted for its monkeys.  The British governor lives there.

The divine wind protected Japan by sinking the fleet of the invading Mongrels.

The President of the United States, in having foreign
affairs, has to have the consent of the Senate.

The difference between a king and a president is that a king is the son of his father, but the president isn't.

There you have it.  Enjoy your day.

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