Monday, March 20, 2017

I Worked on the Small Roses Stained Glass Wall Hanging.

I thought I'd work on this small piece because it should work up in a few days and I have the urge to see another finished work.
I got the background and frame on and the leaves.  So far it is all stay-stitched in place. The next step will be the roses when I finally decide what color I want. 
Then the leading gets done to finish the art work.  Its only 9 x 12 inches so should fit on a wall or door or somewhere without any problems finding a spot.

I found my very first effort at making handy quilter's pockets packed away and not wanting to waste it, I set it under the TV in the living room.  I place my ironing board in front of the TV when I'm working on quilt projects so its handy for cutting fabric, pressing, pinning, marking, etc.  I have a set of tools necessary in the pockets right in front of me so I don't have to go to my sewing machine in another room to find them.  Makes it easier when doing a project.

I'll only post one funny for you today.  I'm a bit tired and achy.

Q.  Why did the chicken cross the road?   A.  To get to the other side.

I'll bet you thought I had a new twist on an oldie.  Sorry, I haven't got the energy to think of something new at the moment. 
Have a nice day.

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