Thursday, March 2, 2017

Penny Loves Coming Indoors for a Good Rubdown.

My corgi and I go outdoors 4 times a day for her Nature Calls.  Its pretty routine.  Since living here she can't go outdoors alone so I go with her.
When we come indoors to the lobby, I sit down in one of the 3 upholstered chairs and get out her drying towel, which I carry in a pocket.

Its become so routine that I don't even have to tell her to 'roll over' any more.  She automatically drops down and gives me a high four in the air.
She turns onto her back and presents her underside.  I have carpeting in my apartment and I certainly don't want them dirtied up with muddy paws.  I towel off her belly first, then her four legs and feet.

She's very happy to oblige.  This way the carpeting stays clean as do my wooden floors.
I think I'll keep her. 
Have a good day.

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