Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Flower Fairies" Wallhanging is done.

I changed the name from  Garden Fairies because all the little panels are flowers with fairies named for them. 
The final size measures 19" by 22" and is very much depicting spring.  I have it hanging in my living room for the season with a winter one stored away til winter comes again.
Its so pretty and flowery and makes me smile.

I should have pressed it before taking its picture so it looks a bit wobbled on the left, but this is the back and its normally smooth.  I put a small bit of honeybee fabric on the hanging sleeve, which is also my quilt label.   Its my signature for labels.

It may look like spring, but they are warning us of 3" of snow coming on Saturday.  I hope they are wrong.  After all, Sat. is in April and I'm wanting spring flowers and green grass.

I've been checking on the birds today.  Robins are hopping on the back lawn looking for nourishment.  By the single birdhouse I've watched a sparrow checking it out.  I hear a pair of sparrows raise their brood there every spring so I think he's checking it out and laying claim before another bird takes it.  This lone sparrow has been sitting on a branch in front of the house and also right up to the opening in the house. 

Temps. today are in the mid-40sF which is very good for us.  I have my living room windows open to enjoy the fresh air.  The sun is shining.  Makes one feel really good.

Have a good day.

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