Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I Needed a New Sleep Mask In a Hurry.

I surely had to have a replacement sleep mask and quickly.   My current one has had the elastic retied a few times due to stretching.
This took only minutes to assemble and then minutes to sew together.   I didn't add any embellishments or lace to this quickie.   The backing is white satin for smoothness on the face.
  I learned that using decorative hair bands instead of elastic works great.  They come in colors and different designs so one can match whatever mask is made.  They also have great stretching ability and are really comfy around the head.

That's about it for my sewing today.  I have an aching neck.  I must have slept wrong last nite.  Today I heal and maybe I can sew again tomorrow.
Have a Good Day.

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