Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Its Been A Foggy Day and the Snow is Melting.

During our walk in the garden, I took pix today, even in the fog.  These were all taken in the garden area behind our apt. complex.   If no more snow arrives, I'll be a happy camper.
This is the bench where I sit to watch the morning workers driving to their jobs. 

The river is flowing nicely and the ice has melted.  The fog makes the view a little hard to see. 

In one of the garden patches there is this bush, flowering now but if we get a cold spell, I'm afraid we might lose this year's blossoms,

This bed has a few patches of Pampas grasses and even with all the snow and ice, they are managing to remain upright.

There are eight raised beds along the pathway but this year I will pass on keeping a garden going.  Too much bending and my back won't take the action any longer.  I'll leave the growth here to the regular garden lady who tries to keep the gardens going.

I'll be putting out some containers on the tarmac instead.  That will be more than enough for me to handle this year.

I'm also looking forward to the bar-b-q's we will enjoy here on the back patio.   I see a busy social season here in my new home.

I don't know what kind of huge tree this is, and will wait to check out the leaves so I can identify it.  Its old, one can see that from the trunk and the bark.

Have a nice day friends.


  1. Sandra i must say it makes me smile hearing how well things are for you in your new space!! Everyone needs a comfortable safe place to lay their heads & good friends/neighbors to share their lives with. I'm glad you found a place with both!! Also mighty glad you got your blog up & going again!!! :-)

  2. Sandra, I always enjoy your pictures, even with the fog too.