Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What a Day and Its Not Over Yet.

This March snowstorm is a dilly.  Windy and blowing all over the place.  I've already been out 2 times to clean off my car hoping it will make the final chore tomorrow a lot easier.
White-out conditions out my living room windows facing the gardens and the river.  You can't see the river in this mess.

Our parking lot around 1 pm today. My car is the furthest one on the right in this photo and I had just cleaned it off a half hour before.  The snowplow had just come thru our lot to clear it.

The 4-foot tall planters posted near our front entrance around one.

Those same two planters nearly buried at 5pm.

The only good thing is  the wind.  As you can see its blowing the snow right off one side of the cars which may make it easier to clean off tomorrow after its done. The plow has been thru our lot at least 2 times that I saw with my own eyes. 

They say it will taper off around midnight.  Let's all cross our fingers here in the northeast.  I know there are some power outages elsewhere when trees came down on power lines.  So far, and I've got my toes crossed since my fingers are busy right not, we have not lost power.

Let's all wish for a better day tomorrow.


  1. You have been a busy bee haven't you! All your projects are lovely as usual!! I really love your Spring quilt wall hangings, absolutely beautiful!! Funny jokes too but the thing that made me laugh the hardest was when you said you will cross your toes because your fingers were busy. For some reason that really got me laughing as it was cute!! Take care & TTYL