Friday, March 17, 2017

I Finished My 'Winter Cottage" Wall Hanging Today.

I'm a happy camper.  I finished one of my wall hangings today.
This is "Winter Cottage" and its just in time to hang on my cabinet for the end of winter.
This measures 18 by 18 inches.  I outline-quilted and added a bit of swirling winter weather in the white sky.

Here's a close-up view.

The back side.

And the label.  I blotted out my name for security reasons only.  I like honey bees as you can probably tell from the buttons on my earlier oven-hanging dish towels.  So they are featured on the label.  The label is the same fabric as the backing, but backwards so that lettering shows up clearer. 

I finished just in time.  My neck and back are feeling the aches.  Once I start into a project and all is going well, I don't like to put it down.  I should get up and stretch now and then, but its not in my nature, I guess.  Luckily this project is finished and I can get on to another tomorrow.

And now dear friends, I want to add my wishes for a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Have a Good Day.


  1. Such a pretty hanging, I love it, and love the backing also, those teapots are cute

  2. Thank you.
    I have 2 rolls of the teapot fabric, one in blue and one in red. I thought it would be ideal as backings for my WHs since I adore teapots.