Sunday, March 12, 2017

I Do a Bit of Knitting or Crocheting in the Evenings.

I like to keep my hands or my mind busy even while sitting in front of the boob tube evenings.
In the bright daylight I can work on sewing so quilt projects take center stage.  My machine sits in front of 2 large windows with sunlight beaming across the river and its easy to stitch.  When its gloomy out,  I find my lamps don't give me enough light to make sewing a pleasure.
Evenings I need to do something different.  So its knitting or crocheting for me.
A quilter buddy of mine reminded me of these knit dish cloths.  I had a few rolls of the right yarn, so I made a couple last nite.  I give these for small gifts to friends now and then so my container with homemade gifts is filling up slowly but surely, with these now and the oven door dish towels I crochet.
This morning, while the sun is bright, I have to quilt a wall hanging.  I may get that done if I can settle on a design I like for the quilting.

Here's my Penny dozing under the ironing board where she joins me in the living room.  I have binding to cut and press today.
Have a nice day.

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