Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Frosty and Friends" Wall Hanging is Finished.

Its been a productive day today.  I finished "Frosty."
This wall hanging measures 20" wide by 22" long.  It fits perfectly over my glass cupboard doors.

Here's a close-up of one of his friends.  The others, cardinals, are in the tree.

Once again I used the blue teapot fabric for the backing.  Label name is covered for security reasons.

When I work on sewing projects, I don't like hunting for tools that I might need so I made pockets (made from 2 Fat Quarters) to make things simpler for me.  These pockets are braced under my machine on my desk.  It holds things handy such as seam rippers, pins, needles, rulers, fabric turners, soap marker, embroidery scissors for those tiny things, half-square triangle ruler, thread cutter, bodkin, and one of those things that you use to hold your fabric steady under the foot, plus a few other handy items.

Hanging over my sofa arm is another set of pockets to aid me when I'm hand sewing things like labels and binding and buttons.  It hold pins, scissors, ruler, thimble, thread, and even a nail file.
The tail end is very long, making it easy to tuck under the sofa cushions and able to hold the pockets safely.

On the other side are two pockets for my TV remote and my DVD controller and also a magnetic wand to pick up fallen pins and needles.

As you can see, I believe in making things easier for myself.  It saves a lot of time.

"Vase of Flowers" above is officially done, but I was thinking of adding a fairy sitting on the edge of the vase.  I pinned it there so you can see it, but it needs trimming down and sewing on.  I like to add bees or fairies to my projects when I can.

Even tho' I took a couple of breaks, my neck is aching a lot.  Time to tone down my work and sit and read a bit.
Have a nice day.

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