Monday, March 6, 2017

I'm Still Choosing Fabrics.....

Its such good fun, choosing fabrics for projects.
I will call this one Flowers in Season because its just Irises and Roses which blossom about the same time in Maine.  The early roses, that is.
I chose dark and medium or light tone on tones for the flowers which are lined up on the right, along with what I might use as greenery in the vase.  On the left are the bright green print vase fabric, tiny floral for the tablecloth and an actual doily for the doily under the vase.
The method for this one will be Replique (black outlining).

This is Frosty and Friends with the chosen border across the top.  I think that will work well because of the greens and reds which are taken from the subject itself. 

Winter Cottage I did in normal applique so I could stuff batting behind the snowman and the snowpiles along the bottom and the rooftops.  I wanted that extra dimension.  The border print I chose is the red one along the top of the block but I still may change it to  be more neutral so I can hang this one all thru the winter season, not just Christmastime.
I have this against my Frosty WH.  The bluish sides are NOT going on this WH.

Decisions, Decisions.......For Winter Cottage I may use this border instead.  Its in my favorite color, the same as the roof of the cottage, and its winter neutral to use from Oct thru May in this part of the country where winter reigns.

Have a good day.

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