Friday, March 3, 2017

I Just HAD To Shop For Fabric.

With designs ready and a shortage of fancy fabric due to my planning to move and not bringing too much with me, thereby giving most fabrics away to friends, I needed to shop.
Well, believe me, I was thrilled to do so. 
Its true I had still saved several pieces of fabric for myself, but its very little compared to what I used to have stashed on shelves along one long wall and in large plastic containers in the furnace room.
One of the gals who stocked up her car took all my tone-on-tones and sheers.
With fairies and wings in the mix, I really needed what I call my 'Gossamers' which are glittery fabrics and shiny fabrics suitable for fairies and butterflies and the like.  I chose these qbove to begin my stash of those types.  I should have enough to make the wall hangings I plan and showed photos of yesterday.

For the assorted flowers, iris and roses I'll be making, I surely needed some tone on-tones in colors of the flowers I'm planning.  I just could not pass these by at my local quilt shop.  The same holds true for the small floral print in the upper right-hand corner.  I have a home for it.

Remember that little honey bee buttons I put on some hanging dish towels I photographed earlier.
Well, I had to stock up with those but also found more of the cutest buttons in adorable bugs and fairies.   I can sew them onto the wall hangings in the floral and fairy scenes as well as sewing honey bees on hanging dish towels.

And just for the heck of it, I bought the turquoise fabric above which is my favorite color and I know I'll use it well in the future and the pink because I needed more light pink in my stash.

So, yes, I had a very good day shopping.

On another pleasant note, I took Penny with me so she could be weighed at the vet's so I could pick up the right size Heartworm pills for her next 3 months.  She had lost enough to drop her to the 'Small' level (30 lbs. and under)  a few months back.  It seems the walking 4 times a days is good for both of us.  I lost weight even thru the Xmas season, and so has she.  The vet is very pleased she's at a healthy 24 lbs. in weight now.  She loves the vet and his wife, who is his office manager.  They give her a lot of attention when she stops in and she laps it all up.  She's a lover, is my little corgi.

Since she didn't live very far from the vet's, we even stopped to visit her old chum, golden retriever Daisy, and the two romped in the snow for a half hour.  Yup, there's still deep snow pack at Daisy's house in the woods.  I was also able to pick up my small garden tools I left behind when I moved but alas, no plant pots.   I wasn't surprised.  I thought I gave them all to the local community garden before I moved, and I guess I did.

Have a nice day.

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