Thursday, March 2, 2017

I've Been Drawing More Designs and Choosing Fabrics Today

Its a fun day for me.  The sun is shining but its bitter chill with the gusty winds outdoors, so me and dog are staying toasty warm indoors and I'm having fun with designs.

I have been choosing some of the fabrics for this Toadstool Fairy project I posted yesterday.  I thought maybe a bit of orange with the browns of the toadstool cottage.  I also touched up the toadstool's base a bit for the fairy's cottage.

For my Water Lily Fairy I changed the Dragon Fly to a different flying position and improved,  I think, the water lily itself.  The shimmery fabric chosen beside it will be for wings.

I adore Irises in the spring so this vase of Irises, with a few Roses added, is another freehand drawing I finished and will do in my favorite method, Replique (upside-down applique).

I basted this fabric as the background for the Irises.  I want something very neutral and I hope this will work.

This is a small Stained Glass pattern of Roses. 

I chose this pink background fabric for the roses.   I'm thinking yellow roses will fit the pattern quite well.

This is the same roses stained glass pattern, but I've increased the size to make a larger wallhanging.

Maybe a neural background for this one and I'm thinking red roses.

I have such fun choosing fabrics but I'm really missing my late husband.  He had a knack for choosing colors that was spot-on, unlike me who has to hem and haw back and forth before I can make a final decision.  The next steps for me will be the hardest; choosing fabrics.

Have a nice day.

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  1. I've said it once or twice & i will say it again YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!!! I wish i could free hand the way you do, but alas i must copy things. I've dabbled in my paints & baking clay but have only finished a couple projects. Reason being is at first i like what i am doing but then something doesn't look right & i give up & start on a whole different project. Right now i'm painting elmo faces on two painting canvases for the two clients my hubby works for. They are special needs adults with child like brains & thinking & they both love elmo so why not right. It brings me happiness to make others happy! Well i better get going i was going to check the rest of my emails but decided to stop by here & now i think i will do it later lol TTYL & take care